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Black & white photo of Orin Bishop


a bit about me:


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Orin Bishop is an award-winning game designer living in Calgary, AB. He studied at the University of Waterloo and has written an undergrad thesis on game design as well as a textbook on game design which is currently in editing.

Orin works on both digital and tabletop games, and in 2015, his board game Steampunk Rally had the 2nd most successful tabletop gaming Kickstarter in Canada, bringing in almost a quarter-million dollars. In 2020, the stand-alone sequel Steampunk Rally Fusion raised just shy of $800,000. He also runs a game related postcast, enjoys DMing roleplaying games, and composes and plays music.

Orin has done consulting and guest lecturing for a number of projects and schools, and is always looking for interesting opportunities and challenges.

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